Don’t be afraid

OWNER. Seems like such a big word. Thrown about by GCs talking about their clients and their clients in turn throw it around when talking about their “investors” (usually banks). When a GC stiffs you on a deserved payment you can try to work it out. Protect your lien rights and lien. If you still aren’t paid you can goto court. Their contract might make you go to arbitration but before you goto either of those places go straight to the owner. Owners don’t like controversy. They don’t like hassle. They don’t like liens. There is no guarantee that an owner will care or care to help but it is a hell of a lot cheaper to try than the attorney way of doing things. If it fails do not hesitate to go straight to court. Lawsuits are long and the longer you wait the more money you’ll lose either in attorney’s fees, fatigue from loss of cash flow or filing deadlines.

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