Obey the contract. Obey the contract. Obey the contract. Obey the contract only when sued. GCs really need to reconsider their stances. They do damage so often by refusing that which they have agreed to and asked the subcontractor to agree to. Work or we’ll kick you off the job. Worked when they said? Did you get that in writing? Ultimately GCs seem to be in the business of making money where none previously existed. On the backs and pocketbooks of their own partners. The meeker a sub is the more advantage will be sought. Can’t afford a good attorney, then kiss that money goodbye and even with an attorney kiss a bunch goodbye in attorney’s fees and settlement offers. Just establishing the initial filing can easily chew up $5k and rises rapidly from there.

Someday karma will bite and I hope it bites big for those who prey on their weaker partners.

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