Beware of the game

Ok. So I can’t say for sure that it is intentional but it feels as though there is a game being played. Nobody would ever play the subs for a fool right? Well I’ve seen many ASIs and PR’s that have portions of a page and reference on the summary sheet to very specific things to look at as if those were the only things that needed to be addressed. In fact after studying the plans for a bit I’ve noticed (quite a lot actually) changes that have been made and not highlighted and not mentioned. It has happened enough and with significantly sized items to believe that it is not a mere coincidence. Here. Look right here at this teeny cloud and let me know if a connection difference will change the price. Don’t bother looking that a stair case got moved, block size changed and all sorts of opening changed as well.

Also going back to the ASI post it almost feels like the architect is purposely drawing things differently than the structurals that should match. By doing so if a sub assumes from the architecturals that others are doing work their bid will be lower. But aha. Fooled you. The architecturals showed framed walls but structurals CMU. Why so many discrepancies? Do the structural engineers not get along with the architect? Is the architect double checking his work against the structurals? I don’t know. I just know that the ultimate answer always seems to be to take it out of the subs ass. In this case they probably got a credit from the framers for the non-load bearing walls and now CMU is going in cost free to the owner as structural walls.

Before anyone dare say that the sub should have caught it needs to remember before the sub ever looks at it the architects, engineers and GC employees should catch it but somehow none of that chain matters. Shit flows down hill but unless you have a permit I’m going to stop you from sending it my way.

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