GCs need to stop and start

Recently there has been a move to shove all sorts of costs normally borne by the GC to the subs. This is being done in ways such as requiring a sub to have their own dumpster or back charging for uses of an on-site GC dumpster. There are some exceptions to this such as hazardous waste or recyclable material. Also cleaning up after subs who think their mom is coming by later is also understandable but general construction waste should be addressed by the General.

Also seen recently is “all of the necessary, brackets, attachments, hardware, joints (fill in whatever)” that make it so broad they can literally require many subs to do the work of others subs because it is so broadly worded. Framer’s schedule is tied up and can’t get there soon to install hurricane straps as is usually the case, make the masons do it and tell them they are responsible for it with super all-encompassing broad language.

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