Hopefully a little more clarity


I honestly feel that there are architects that run a branched scheme. Beyond simple mistakes they purposely draw different plans so as to ensnare different subcontractors. Rarely do we bid from Structural sheets only. There are still structural engineers who literally use “not to scale” on their drawings so to bid you scale and measure the Architecturals.

The problem is that the Architect plays a game of whatever is best for me. Screw the sub. Even the GCs will get in on the game with references to vague general notes. Like “masonry walls to extend to structure UNO”. Um yeah so it is shown not extending in the Architechtural details. Also what is a “structure”? A mezzanine? The bottom of trusses? Past the trusses and to the roof of the building everywhere? Sorry it doesn’t mean that and maybe a phone call to discuss before rejecting over that would be good business. I don’t know maybe even ethical.

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