Beware the strength of the sub


Whether you join an association like American Subcontractors Association and/or participate here with reviews of GCs you must do something. It kills me that a major supplier to a 4 generation old subcontractor would rather throw that multi-million dollar relationship away than to own up to a substandard product. Multi-billion dollar company.

They never disclosed that one employee always present at meetings regarding the faulty project or other issues was actually working for the architect. Total conflict of interest. They have been given proof that they have lied, covered up and otherwise tried to lay the blame at the feet of the sub. They even have cutesy little “principles” or “guiding values” that are in exact opposition to their position. Values mean nothing if you aren’t ethically committed to them.

The VP of operations was in discussions for a year and suddenly called a lunch meeting to inform that his last day was in 4 days. That he had written a letter addressing our concerns with the help of the legal department. When pressed for the content he would only say that it wasn’t him but legal. Didn’t bring the letter with him. E-mailed it later that day. The entire letter was a complete departure from a year’s worth of conversations. There was no hand-off to a successor. To a direct-line supervisor/executive. Nothing. Disgusting really.

Band together. Talk to each other and when one of your competitors takes a hit so unethically realize that you are just as likely to suffer something similar in the future.

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