The possibilities of GRAMA and FOIA


There are probably other names but GRAMA stands for Government Records and Management Act. FOIA for Freedom of Information Act.

If you’re on a public project you have the right to request records relating to that project from the public entity/owner. Private projects take brute force via lawsuit but with public projects you might be surprised what you might find. Speaking from experience there is often much to be gained by asking. Make sure your request is specific and be persistent if denied by appealing the decision or modifying your request. Budgets. Change orders. Discussions between the government reps, the GC, the architect are all typically sitting somewhere on a government e-mail server. People always say don’t burn bridges and I am a big proponent of that. That said if someone has already lit your bridge on fire don’t just sit there and take a loss. I will post examples in the future highlighting this technique.

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