Gloves are off


It isn’t that I don’t understand why Amcor/Echelon/Old Castle/CRH Americas would choose to try and defend a crap product called Insultech but I also understand it was the wrong choice. West Jordan, Hogan, JRCA and every other sucker who even considered purchasing this product will make you regret your decision.

Glue? Not just one kind but two? IAPMO? Seismic problems? Cutting jamb ends to make halves? No half molds? No bond-beam molds? An attempt to throw the mason under the bus because you couldn’t deliver the product promised in a timely manner? Every opportunity has been extended to make this right. What you aim to protect will soon be wounded. Perhaps even mortally. R&D, Marketing, Production, Liability. All of CRH and their subsidiaries and their proclamations of ethical behavior/standards will be maimed once people learn of the deceptions.

UPDATE: 08/20/2019 Make sure to ask your local Insultech supplier for the same 10-year warranty extended to West Jordan City. Great way to get around actually addressing quality issues or to find the actual cause of faces cracking.

The gloves have come off
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