1st GENdex score is for Hogan review

Item Reviewed

1st GENdex score is for Hogan review

Pros for this contractor

They acquire a fair amount of business. If treated fairly it could lead to a steady stream of income.

Cons for this contractor

Major difficulties with approving change orders
More than happy to send along back charges with no conversation nor justification as required of sub.
Pay apps that get whacked. (Pay apps are up for debate but blindsiding nearly 2 months later with a call the day check was sent=not good)
Communication. Rather than asking questions for clarification simply rejecting change order requests is unprofessional and not expected.
Failure to take responsibility for their own mistakes and instead attempt to blame everyone else.
Expects a credit when moving to a smaller size but insists that the sub isn't entitled when it moves to a larger size.
Refusal of PM to meet to discuss changes and/or billing.

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Bottom line summary

Though there have been jobs with Hogan fewer of these types of problems West Jordan Public Works and the experience of those subs should serve as warning.

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The actual rating is from 1-100 points. This score translates to a -50% – +50% score. Out of 100 Hogan scored a 4.8. You read that correctly. This translates to a suggestion that a sub adds a significant amount to a bid in order to compensate for trouble they will likely experience.

GENdex helps subcontractors understand who is worth bidding with. Nearly all GCs have systems by which they summarily judge/rate their subs according to a variety of criteria. GENdex does the same but for GCs. It is based on bidding, contracting, change orders, communication, professionalism and fairness.

The score is a -50 to +50. Anything above zero suggests a percentage that should be added based on the above factors that affect profitability of a job. Conversely anything below zero suggests a potential discount because the GC is known to be a partner that knows your profitability is just as important as yours.

So far my personal experience would suggest a high surcharge on any bids submitted. So many things are currently wrong and out of the ordinary of that given the same opportunity and bid we would have increased our bid by at least 30%. Yes we probably would have lost the bid but at least had we won the job would have been profitable.

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